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Lista de produtos por fabricante Aircomp

Aircomp by Stampotecnica is an Italian company specialized in developing and manufacturing pneumatic components. As true manufacturer, we rely on our strong technical background as well as on our deeply rooted know-how and technology. Having been processing plastic materials for more than forty years, our experience turns out to be our competitive advantage in terms of product quality, design originality and production capacity.

Aircomp by Stampotecnica recognises Excellence as distinctive feature of his own corporate philosophy, and also as essential element for achieving his goals.

Aircomp by Stampotecnica believes in
his work and pays utmost attention to Customers’ needs, focusing his activity on them.
The steady development of Aircomp by Stampotecnica sales network on international
markets makes us feel really proud and satis ed, besides spurring us strongly towards future steps.
Passion and enthusiasm go along with each
member of Aircomp by Stampotecnica Staff when realizing and promoting innovative pneumatic components, which can compete worldwide thanks to their quality and technical features. 

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Mostrando 1 - 1 de 1 item