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Mission, Vision and Statements

Provide complete solutions in hydraulics, being them innovative, sustainable and adapted to the requirements of our customers. We believe in specialization and rigor of our work, contributing for a total satisfaction of our customers.


To be recognized as a reference company in hydraulics by our ability to provide innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions.


Service excellence and focus on satisfying customer needs;
Continuous commitment to the objectives, innovation and entrepreneurship;
Transparency and honesty in any situation;
Team spirit and mutual respect on both personal and professional relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.


Hidro Orfão - Hydraulic Solutions


Hidro Orfão is dedicated on the commerce and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

The company was established with the main objective of differentiation from their competitors by the ability of providing complete solutions to customers. With this purpose in mind, the main focus areas are:

  • Consulting, studies and projects for complete hydraulic solutions;
  • Commerce of hydraulics and pneumatics equipment and spare parts;
  • Specialized technical service of repairing hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.
  • Project and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic manifold blocks.


 Jaime Orfão, the manager, began working by his own name in 1994. He founded Hidro Orfão in 1997.

With the evolution and growth of business the company felt the need to expand its activity and as a result, the creation of associated companies and branches distributed along the country, namely Fluxcontrol, Hidrauliman, Draulitec and a branch of Hidro Orfão.
In the South of the country lies Fluxcontrol – Comércio e Assistência Técnica Lda., located in Vendas Novas and specialized in the forestry sector.
In the center of the country, in Leiria, there is the headquarters of Hidro Orfão, as well as the Draulitec. Draulitec - Soluções hidráulicas values for its ability to provide local assistance in the field of mobile hydraulics.
In Aveiro district, exactly in Águeda, there is Hidrauliman, a company focused on industrial needs in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics and industrial maintenance.
In the North of the country there's the latest bet of Hidro Orfão, its branch in Maia, also known as Hidro Orfão's Northern Division. This way the company is betting on their customer proximity and competitiveness at the national level.

Hidro Orfão's bets are also extended to the quality of their services and products, while working to complete its ISO 9001:2015 certification process and certification of their products.